"Security and not fear, confidence and not doubts"
-Paolo Coelho-

Your safety is our business

SecuZER is a consulting and training firm in the field of security and safety.


At SecuZER, we put at the service of our partners a team of highly qualified experts, each HAVING a long experience of at least 25 years in the field, within state agencies and whose main mission was the security of people and property. In fact, security was and continues to be part of their daily livess. The safety and security needs of our partners are the core of our mission.

The expertise, the professionalism, the listening and the proximity, as well as the diversity of our means allow us to submit diagnoses in physical security and to accompany you in strengthening your devices, depending on the stakes and objectives of your security policy. It is also to prepare you for graduated protection plans, which are essential and adapted to your culture and your environment. By providing you, thus, a tailor-made security. To achieve these objectives, SecuZER has an exemplary requirement in terms of threat assessment, vulnerability, risk analysis and expertise in the design of effective protection and response plans.

By far the best team I’ve ever worked with, they really understood the needs we were looking for and fulfilled them perfectly! I highly recommend them as partners, you just won’t find a better team.

Ahmed mendoubiResponsable Risk Management Department

They were very serious professionals, they were always there to answer our questions and made us very comfortable.

Amina cheraibiSafety and Quality Manager

I wonder why I never contacted those guys before! Seriously they all have extraordinary talent in their respective fields and dropped my stadium concept, thank you for an amazing experience.

Fahd CHADILISecurity evaluator and integrator

With well experienced training, perfectly mastering their profession and teaching tools, our agents now excel in their missions and perform them wonderful.

Hamza BENJELLOUNHead of the innovation and continuing education department
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